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City of Cayn Teaser

Working on the edits for our next book, City of Cayn.  This one picks up right where Son of Cayn ends.  Let me know what you think of our teaser. *** Crimson ‘X’s mark the doors along the streets of Upper Pazard’zhik.  Merchants and nobles alike have fallen victim to a deadly disease.  Has the…

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The Secret to the Blood of Cayn – Revealed

After supper, we sat around the carport  shooting the breeze.  It was one of those times when you spent more time talking than eating.  We had a good crowd with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and lets not forget the cousins.  The subject of our book came up and one them asked if this was the…

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The Secret to the Blood of Cayn

The following excerpt comes from an ancient document written over a 1000 years ago. Swá ðá drihtguman dréamum lifdon éadiglice oð ðæt án ongan fyrene fremman féond on helle· wæs se grimma gaést Grendel háten maére mearcstapa sé þe móras héold fen ond fæsten· fífelcynnes eard wonsaélí wer weardode hwíle siþðan him scyppend forscrifen hæfde…

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