Message for the Devil

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Series: The Adventures of Roger V #2
Published by: Parlatheas Press
Release Date: February 12, 2024
Authors: Jason and Stormy McDonald
Pages: 274
ISBN13: 978-1958315149


Roger Vaughn must discover the true story behind the legend of Lavinia Fisher, the first female serial killer executed in South Carolina.

"At the hanging, Lavinia Fisher's last words to the minister and the gathered audience were, 'Cease!  I will have none of it.  Save your words for others who want them.  But if you have a message for the devil, give it to me; I'll carry it.'  And with that, she leapt off the platform, hanging herself and stealing the privilege from the executioner.  A lot of people say it was those words that doomed her.  God wanted to pardon her, but she refused it, and the devil didn't want to hear her message."

Two weeks after he and his friends escape the haunted Charleston Gaol, Roger Vaughn has his first client: the ghost of John Fisher.  He tasks Roger with finding his wife before the Jack Ketch — the gaol's ghostly executioner — does.

When Roger's investigation sparks a series of murders, he finds himself embroiled in a one-hundred-fifty-year-old mystery.  Is Lavinia seeking revenge on the descendants of those who sentenced her and her husband to hang?  Or has something more diabolical been released from the Old City Gaol?

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"This sequel did not disappoint! This novel has it all: action, humor, history, magic, intrigue, suspense and budding romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the development of the characters from the first book as well as the introduction of some new characters. Truly, the creativity of these authors knows no bounds. I'm already craving the next installment!" Amazon review

"Incorporating the Fishers' historical presence into the story as a driver for the plot made for a fun ride. We lead off with Roger getting settled into his new home and career....'settled' lasting mere minutes before he finds himself thrown into the mix. As it progresses, the paranormal, mundane, and fantastic collide to form a fast paced tale of mystery and murder.Amazon review

"There is some fairly serious research taking place in order to solve the mystery. Speaking as a guy who has spent his time at libraries pouring over microfilm, the research in Message for the Devil makes sense. It reads like it was written by someone who has done some real research, for the simple reason that the characters in the book are smart enough to find the right place to go to and talk to someone who knows the story and where to find the information they need. This isn't a case of some rando jumping on the internet and solving a two hundred year old mystery in five seconds using Google. There's some real work involved here. I like that."  Jimbo's Awesome Science Fiction and Fantasy Reviews (click here for more of Jimbo's review)