Jason McDonald

An engineer by day and world builder by night, Jason is an advocate for using both sides of the brain.

With his stepfather as a guide, Jason traveled the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E Howard, and JRR Tolkien at an early age.  As he grew older, he discovered Dungeons and Dragons and the joys of creating his own campaigns.

During all this, Jason embarked on a career in engineering, graduating from Clemson University, and now owns a successful engineering firm.  Still a practicing engineer, he continues to design a wide range of projects.  His attention to detail and vivid imagination helps shape the various adventures that challenge his characters.


Stormy McDonald

Born in the midst of a thunderstorm in the darkest hours of a solstice morning, Stormy has been told she has a personality to match:  full of sound and fury, and highly unpredictable.  Coming from a family of storytellers — traditional, oral storytellers, that is — it’s little wonder she’s driven to weave words as well.

She can’t remember a time when she didn’t love books — from the feel and smell of the pages, to the information they hold, to the tales that they tell — but storytelling is a labor of love, which doesn’t always pay the bills.  A ridiculous variety of side jobs have supported her writing habit, including waitress, security guard, library minion, salesperson, hairdresser, handyman, engineering drafter, and small business owner.


Alan Isom

Alan began his adventure with science fiction and fantasy literature as it should begin:  with JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit, read to him as a child by his father.  Since that auspicious beginning, he has fostered a love of reading a variety of fantasy and science fiction types and that led him to RPGs, most notably Dungeons & Dragons, where world building became a fascination.

Growing up in northeast Alabama, Alan moved north to South Carolina for college.  He fell in love with the Upstate of South Carolina and forgot to go home afterwards.   While initially majoring in Physics at Furman University (Go Paladins!) and then moving on to Clemson University for additional studies in Civil Engineering (after deciding that his options for a Physics career were decidedly thin), he became a licensed engineer and now works for an international Engineering-Procurement-Construction company.  During all of this he served a number of years as a soldier with the Army National Guard.  Each of these careers, as well as a multitude of hobbies, helps bring depth and creativity to the characters and worlds he brings to life.

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