Blood of Cayn

Series: Cayn Trilogy #3
Published by: New Mythology Press
Release Date: July 17, 2019
Authors: Jason McDonald, Stormy McDonald, Alan Isom
Pages: 357
ISBN13: 978-1950420391
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Chernigov – once a shining hub of prosperity joining two nations, now a dark, smoke-shrouded hive of dangerous humanoids ruled by the ruthless hand of Bregu Kraagor – harbors a deadly secret. Somewhere in its depths, the villainous knight, Marko Madasgorski, and the body snatching mage, Gregori, have hidden a cache of plague-ridden soap that could spell the doom of the human kingdoms of Parlatheas.

After battling their way across half the continent, Xandor, Chert, Jasper, and Grendel have followed their quarry into the orc city in a desperate attempt to save the city of Pazard’zhik and everything they hold dear. Meanwhile, across the White River, Yana and Sehraine have joined forces with the Iron Tower to rescue their friends.

With only the dubious guidance of the disgraced Baroness Alexandra “Sacha” Madasgorski, the adventurers must plunge into the depths to find the plague’s cure and stop Marko and Gregori before it’s too late. But the dark god, Sutekh, doesn’t give up his pawns easily. While Sacha sets her own plans into motion, the sentient Veritas autem Sutekh whispers dark promises to Jasper, teasing him with hints of the answers they need and the promise of power – if he will swear his soul to Sutekh.

Will they find the cure? Can they escape the bowels of Chernigov to save their world? Find out in this thrilling conclusion to the Cayn Trilogy!


"A thoroughly enjoyable conclusion to a solid fantasy trilogy. The characters, plot and world continue to grow in each book. The depth of thi world is enjoyable, the plot lines multiply and the characters are becoming well known to us, the readers. Jump in and enjoy a new fantasy world."  Jonathan Minion Bolder

"This third installment of the Cayn series tops them all. With multiple story lines weaving a complicated web through the tale the reader is enveloped by the story. Every time you think it’s finally resolved another twist leads to yet more intrigue, adventure, and action. As one moves through the story it’s clear that there is a cost to winning as well as loosing be the fight against a magical mage or just a really big and tough evil orc. A great conclusion to this wonderfully crafted saga."  Sundown