Cayn Trilogy

Son of Cayn

Infiltrating a band of suspected smugglers is no easy task.  It's even more difficult when you're a half-orc among humans.

Life as a slave in J'Bel's gladiatorial arena taught Grendel the harsh rules of battle.  Winning his freedom opened his eyes to the possibility of something more from life than a painful, blood-soaked death.  In the land of Trakya, Marcus Marchenkov, second-in-command of the Kral's Ochi i Ushi, approaches the half-orc with a job proposition:  infiltrate a teamster's caravan to search for evidence of smuggling and to discover if their activity is tied to the renegade Baron Krakov.

Aleksandra Madasgorski-Krakova has a score to settle.  The Kral's men killed her husband and destroyed her home, forcing her to go into hiding and putting her on dangerous ground with her family.  With her husband's allies, she is determined to finish the work that would have put her husband on Trakya's throne.

As the caravan makes its way east, sickness erupts in Trakya's capital city.  No one can pinpoint the plague's source, only that it is spreading through the wealthiest parts of Pazard'zhik.  Even as he, himself, falls ill, Marcus grows more certain that the caravan and its cargo is somehow to blame.  He can only hope that Grendel and his covert team will find the answer in time.

This Second Edition of Son of Cayn is newly re-edited and reformatted for improved readability and story clarity.

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City of Cayn

Sickness runs rampant in Pazard'zhik, capital city of Trakya, and healers are powerless to stop it.

Grendel has done his job for Marcus Marchenkov, perhaps too well.  He finds himself alone on the road east with Aleksandra Madasgorski-Krakova, surrounded by dangerous strangers who won't think twice about killing her or him.  He must walk a precarious path where a single wrong move could be his last.

With Marko Madasgorski in control of the caravan, Jasper Thredd can no longer hide behind his guise as a simple cook.  Fearing he, too, has contracted the deadly sickness, Jasper seeks help from Trakya's White Circle.  However, enemies appear at every turn, and Jasper soon finds himself hunted through the streets of Pazard'zhik.  Desperate, he seeks the aid of his few remaining friends in the city, putting into motion a plan of last resort — a plan that could get them all killed.

It’s a race against time as Xandor, Jasper, Chert, and Grendel chase the poison-laden caravan all the way to the White River and Bregu Kraagor, a crafty orc chieftain who controls the city of Chernigov.  Hope — as fleeting as it is — comes in the form of a small band of relic hunters from Michurinsk, but they, too, are trapped within the territory of the orc horde.

Can the team of investigators save them and find the cure?

This Second Edition of City of Cayn is newly re-edited and reformatted for improved readability and story clarity.

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Blood of Cayn

War looms on the horizon, and time is running out to save the people of Parlatheas from both a deadly plague and the forces of chaos.

Chernigov — once a shining hub of prosperity joining two nations, now a dark, smoke-shrouded hive of dangerous humanoids ruled by the ruthless hand of Bregu Kraagor — harbors a deadly secret.  Somewhere in its depths, the villainous knight, Marko Madasgorski, and the body snatching mage, Gregori, have hidden a cache of plague-ridden soap that could spell the doom of the kingdoms of Parlatheas.

After battling their way across half the continent, Grendel, Jasper, Xandor, and Chert have followed their quarry into the orc city in a desperate attempt to save the city of Pazard’zhik and everything they hold dear.  Meanwhile, across the White River, Yana and Sehraine have joined forces with the Iron Tower in the hope of effecting a rescue for their friends.

With only the dubious guidance of the disgraced Baroness Alexandra “Sacha” Madasgorski, the adventurers must plunge into the depths to find the plague’s cure and stop Marko and Gregori before it’s too late.  But the dark god, Sutekh, doesn’t give up his pawns easily.  While Sacha sets her own plans into motion, the sentient Veritas autem Sutekh whispers dark promises to Jasper, teasing him with hints of the answers they need and the promise of power – if he will swear his soul to Sutekh.

Will they find the cure?  Can they escape the bowels of Chernigov to save their world?  Find out in this thrilling conclusion to the Cayn Trilogy!

This Second Edition of Blood of Cayn is newly re-edited and reformatted for improved readability and story clarity.

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The World of Gaia

The Adventures of Roger V

Thief on King Street

Message for the Devil