City of Cayn

Series: Cayn Trilogy #2
Published by: New Mythology Press
Release Date: November 20, 2018
Authors: Jason McDonald, Stormy McDonald, Alan Isom
Pages: 368
ISBN13: 978-1948485739
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The people of Pazard’zhik are dying in droves due to the mysterious plague, and the only organization that might be able to help—the White Circle, the local guild of human mages—has been unable to find a cure.

Even Marcus, the leader of the Kral’s security forces, is sick and dying, but the team he recruited to investigate the disease, a ranger, a dwarf, a mage, and a half-orc gladiator, remains on the case. Not everyone is who they seem to be, though, and spies and traitors to the Kral abound, looking to aid in the team’s downfall.

Hunted by the local militia and the White Circle mages, as well as their true enemy, the team must race against time to locate the last wagonload of soap and solve the mystery of the Blood of Cayn before the citizens of Pazard’zhik perish.

Everything points to the city of Chernigov, but it is held by the orcs, their mortal enemies. Will the team be able to sneak in and find the answers they need to save Pazard’zhik, or will their capture and execution end all hope?


"In all honesty I bought this because I'm a friend of one of the authors, so I might be a bit biased. But it's actually a good book. The first one introduces the main characters too fast, but once past that, it's absorbing reading, a really good job of world building. Somewhat reminiscent of some of David Eddings' works, but not as padded.

I think they've got a real future at this, if this series is any indication. Well worth reading!"
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"This second segment of the Cayn saga picks up where the first left off. Though there was some time between the two, the story picked up where it left off without any feeling of a pause. The twists and turns of the fascinating plot kept me guessing what would be next.
This story of good, evil, magic, intrigue, and perseverance resonates in many ways with the present “political” landscape though the present doesn’t have as many sharp edged weapons involved…or magic either for that matter. In any case it’s an excellent read and well worth the time."

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"These new writers are growing in all kinds of great ways. The second book in this series is better than the first (and I liked that one a lot). I like how we are being allowed to unravel the threads to find out where the story is going. It was very frustrating when I reached the end of the book. *sigh* No amount of cajoling could get my computer to cough up more pages in the story. Some people have wondered about how well three authors can work on a single story? The answer is very well. I like the subtle shift in style, in different parts of the story. It's nothing jarring or anything you can put your finger on. It's a very natural thing as the POV shifts. Very nicely done. Now to wait for the next book."
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"The second installment in the series picks up where it should. No crazy jumps like some authors do. More good development, well worth the read. I can't wait to see what they do to wrap it all up in the third book."
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