A Thief on King Street (working title)

Series: The Adventures of Roger V #1
Published by: Parlatheas Press
Release Date: Coming Soon!
Authors: Jason McDonald, Stormy McDonald, Alan Isom

With the help of a pirate, a paladin, and the Highlord of Gallowen, Roger Vaughn must find the lost queen of Carolingias before time runs out, and the war-ravaged country falls.

Their king assassinated, the peasantry and bluebloods fight amongst themselves while the evil Sha'iry assume the throne.  Forced into hiding, the famed Knights of Carolingias turn to the Highlord of Gallowen for help.  They must find someone to unite their people and turn back the forces of the Dark One.

Ambrose Battenberg lives in fear of her life.  Hunted by both dærganfae and the Sha'iry, she has found refuge in the arms of the rebel leader, Camber.  Driven by hunger, he marches to the very gates of Battenberg Palace.  Along with a mercenary army from the north, they join forces and storm the capital.  However, taking the palace is just the beginning.

When Ambrose disappears the night before her coronation, chaos consumes Carolingias.  It falls on the shoulders of Roger Vaughn, spy and thief for the Highlord, to find her, even if it means traveling to an alternate world where technology rules.