Thief on King Street

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Series: The Adventures of Roger V #1
Published by: Parlatheas Press
Release Date: October 31, 2022
Authors: Jason McDonald, Stormy McDonald, Alan Isom
Pages: 356
ISBN13: 978-1958315132

Sha'iry — priests of the dark god, Sutekh — are taking over Parlatheas, kingdom by kingdom. Those who resist them have fallen to plague, civil war, and invasion. In this dark hour, it seems all hope is lost...

Roger Vaughn, thief and spy in service to the Highlord of Gallowen, has one task: steal back the country of Carolingias. To do so, he must help the few remaining Knights of Carolingias find someone both the nobility and peasantry will follow: a Battenberg heir to the throne.

Sole survivor of an attack against the royal family by the infamous dærganfae assassin known as The Archer, Ambrose Battenberg lives in fear. Hiding among the peasant rebels of Carolingias, she has learned some hard lessons about life and survival. Only with Camber, the rebel leader, does she feel safe — until Roger Vaughn uncovers her identity, thrusting Ambrose into the center of the plot to reclaim Carolingias and into The Archer's sights.

It will take all of Roger's wits — along with some help from the Highlord, a jaded pirate captain, and an idealistic paladin — to save Ambrose and Carolingias. Their quest will lead them into a world unlike anything they ever imagined: 1969 Charleston, SC.

Will Roger and his companions complete their mission, or be trapped in Terra forever?  Get your copy of Thief on King Street today and find out!

Set thirty years before the events of the Cayn Trilogy, Thief on King Street is an Urban Fantasy novel bridging the worlds of Gaia and Terra.

Message from the Authors

Jason, Alan, and Stormy had a lot of fun writing Thief on King Street, our first foray into the realm of urban fantasy! The South Carolina lowcountry has such a rich (and somewhat sordid) history that our setting research became a treasure hunt. A number of Charleston locations which no longer exist found their way into the story, and several events/locations had their names changed to protect the "innocent." (Readers will find a short list of books that inspired bits of the story at the beginning, as well as a "fact vs fiction" section at the end.)



"Thief on King Street is an outstanding anthology of characters fighting against one of the most written about philosophies: Good vs. Evil. Exciting from page one, its attention to detail reminded me of the fantasy works by Robert Heinlein. McDonald & Isom offer the reader a look at modern day conflicts through the eyes of urban fantasy. Finding the queen might be the objective of Roger Vaughn but that is only the beginning. This book is a must read by urban fantasy enthusiasts and new readers to this genre."  Scott H. Belshaw, Ph.D, Assoc. Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the UNT Cyber Forensics Lab and Author of the Dark Web: Unfiltered

" epic story that takes place across two planets, is full of political intrigue, has non-stop action, religious conflict, a crazy amount of tension, and a few unbelievably well thought out characters... Thief on King Street was an experience to treasure."  Jimbo's Awesome Science Fiction and Fantasy Reviews

"The story is told vividly, the action scenes are told almost as if the reader were there, on the scene, and even participating in it, all from the comfort of one’s armchair or sofa. Or the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. wasn’t very far in to the story that I stopped thinking about the other things I had to do for the day, and just immersed myself in the story. I nearly read it all in one sitting. Even fans of other genres might find themselves, as I was, caught up the plot line and action. I’d call the book a solid 9, and after I finish my dinner, I might be persuaded to give it an even higher rating." Amazon review

"What a delight it was to read this captivating adventure! I was hooked right from the start and couldn’t put it down. The scenes move quickly with plenty of intrigue to keep the reader engaged.  The magical component of the story line with its surprising twists and turns makes this story really special. My interest was piqued from the first page by the intriguing plot with vivid description and held from chapter to chapter with action, humor, likeable characters and fun relationship dynamics.  There was just the right amount of closure to feel satisfied with the ending while leaving enough aspects of the story line open to ensure continued interest for future installments. I sincerely hope this will be at least a trilogy, or more, and I’m convinced this would make an epic film or television series." Amazon review

"Thief on King Street starts off with action and keeps a brisk pace through the adventure. The intrigue is interesting, the characters are relatable, and the story is unique. Readers will find much to love in the familiarity of a well-written fantasy, but plenty of novelty in the plot's wanderings and the setting make this book avoid the pitfall of being just another cookie cutter fantasy." Amazon review

"A fun urban fantasy adventure you can lose yourself in. This cast of vibrant characters will have you on the edge of your seat as you follow them from one precarious situation to the next. The tale is self contained in the single book, but sets the stage as the opening for an epic arc to come in future novels." Amazon review

"A really good read, from start to finish. As someone who lived briefly in Charleston, SC, I found the use of the city landmarks an engaging way to bring the story into today's modern setting. The prison escape was my favorite part!" Amazon review