Son of Cayn

Series: Cayn Trilogy #1
Published by: Parlatheas Pesss, LLC
Release Date: August 13, 2021
Authors: Jason McDonald, Stormy McDonald, Alan Isom
Pages: 288
ISBN13: 978-1736823569
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Infiltrating a band of suspected smugglers is no easy task.  It's even more difficult when you're a half-orc among humans.

Life as a slave in J'Bel's gladiatorial arena taught Grendel the harsh rules of battle.  Winning his freedom opened his eyes to the possibility of something more from life than a painful, blood-soaked death.  In the land of Trakya, Marcus Marchenkov, second-in-command of the Kral's Ochi i Ushi, approaches the half-orc with a job proposition:  infiltrate a teamster's caravan to search for evidence of smuggling and to discover if their activity is tied to the renegade Baron Krakov.

Aleksandra Madasgorski-Krakova has a score to settle.  The Kral's men killed her husband and destroyed her home, forcing her to go into hiding and putting her on dangerous ground with her family.  With her husband's allies, she is determined to finish the work that would have put her husband on Trakya's throne.

As the caravan makes its way east, sickness erupts in Trakya's capital city.  No one can pinpoint the plague's source, only that it is spreading through the wealthiest parts of Pazard'zhik.  Even as he, himself, falls ill, Marcus grows more certain that the caravan and its cargo is somehow to blame.  He can only hope that Grendel and his covert team will find the answer in time.

This Second Edition of Son of Cayn is newly re-edited and reformatted for improved readability and story clarity.

Music Inspiration

Jason, what song makes you think of Son of Cayn?

Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry. This may be a surprise to a lot of people but it was the only song that kept running through my head every time I wrote about the baroness.

I knew this; Jason and I had discussed it at some point in the past, and let me tell you: he’s RUINED the song for me because HE’S RIGHT. This is the anthem of the baroness." Read the entire blog here."
West of Mars Spotlight


" I just finished reading Son of Cayn and I honestly don't know where to start with this review. Don't get me wrong, it was a really good book. I enjoyed it. I'm just not sure where to begin because there was a lot in here. I mean, I guess I expected that. It's the first book in a fantasy series and those are frequently pretty busy. When an author (or in this case team of authors) has to not only introduce their characters but also their world, there tends to be a lot of information necessary. Every fantasy setting is different and when you couple in the setting and how magic works and what fantasy races exist.. Yeah, it's a lot." Read the entire review here.
Jimbo's Awesome SF/F Reviews

"Son of Cayn is a brisk and well-drawn adventure quest. The novel was influenced by Dungeons & Dragons. There is a human Ranger, a dwarven cleric, a human mage, a half-orc, trolls, orcs, elves, and other fantastic beasts. The novel reminded me of the first law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie because both series are about a group on a quest and the setting is dark." Read the entire review here.
Gary David Gillen Reviews

"A great combination of fantasy and adventure. A good read and an excellent opening to a new series. I can't wait for the next book."
Amazon review

"A great first novel for the three authors. With new authors, you never know what you're going to get. Let me tell you these three are worth your time and more importantly your money.

There is about everything you want in a fantasy novel: action, mystery, heroes learning, etc.

They create a rich detailed world. I am looking forward to future books by them."
Amazon review

"Great read! Can not wait for more from these authors. Fun adventure with cool weapons and intrigue."
Amazon review

"Writing style similar to David Eddings, interesting plot."
Amazon review

"I enjoyed this book, I am looking forward to the next one. It is a great introduction to an alternate world that is logical and magical."
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