Phantoms of Ruthaer

Series: Chronicles of Damage Inc #1
Published by: Parlatheas Pesss, LLC
Release Date: May 4, 2021
Authors: Jason and Stormy McDonald
Pages: 376
ISBN13: 978-1736823507
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With their immortal souls threatened, a small town's only hope lies in trusting desperados with a reputation as dark as the evil stalking the night.

In the countries east of the White River, some call Damage, Inc. heroes.  Others call the bounty hunters criminals.  The truth lies somewhere in between.  Hector de los Santos, the team's leader, has only two rules about bounties:  finish every job, no matter what it takes, and no charity cases.

Aislinn Yves, the team's half-elven tracker, thought she'd never see the tiny village of Ruthaer again.  That is, until a plea for help from her father's old friend, Tallinn, arrives.  The job sounds simple:  track down a few missing people, perhaps a killer.  The trick is convincing Hector to put their current job on hold.

Unfortunately, things are worse than Tallinn implied.  Unnatural weather, restless dead, and gruesome murders are just the beginning, for the town harbors a terrible secret more dangerous than Aislinn or Hector could imagine.  A secret that could spell the end of Damage, Inc. and drag Ruthaer straight to Hell.

Music Inspiration

Jason and Stormy have a song or… well, three… that remind them of Phantoms of Ruthaer. And what songs would those be? Let’s let them tell us.

"The characters who comprise the bounty hunting team of Damage, Inc. in Phantoms of Ruthaer have been waiting impatiently for us to tell their tale for a while now. During the early stages of their development, we began assembling a playlist of songs that spoke to us about each character, such as Drivin N Cryin’s “Straight to Hell” for the irascible archer, Dave, and “Adrenaline” by Gavin Rossdale for the team’s leader, Hector. Then we heard “The Outsiders” by Eric Church. Its gritty depiction of a group with a reputation for being dangerous, who aren’t afraid to go their own way, and are willing to stand up to anyone captured the essence of Damage, Inc and our novel." Read the entire blog here.
West of Mars Spotlight


"Good Book. Highly recommended. Lots of action and a few laughs."  Read the entire review here.
Jimbo's Awesome SF/F Reviews

"Phantoms of Ruthaer by Jason McDonald is a great genre mash-up novel. There is a mystery, a ghost story, and a fantasy adventure in the novel. The bounty hunting idea is like the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. Damage Inc. is paid for killing magical creatures like the Witcher. The mystery is hard to solve, and the ghosts are real in this adventure. It also reminded me of John Carter from Mars concerning Hector, Dave, and Robert’s interaction with this fantasy world. I want to see more adventures with Damage, Inc."  Read the entire review here.
Gary David Gillen Reviews

"This book is action and adventure. I loved the book from beginning to end! A must read for anyone who likes adventure, spookyness, mystery, and fun."
Amazon review

"Thoroughly enjoyed, has a little of everything to draw you into the world of Damage, Inc., characters are very interesting."
Amazon review