Mask of the Vampire

Series: Chronicles of Damage Inc #2
Published by: Parlatheas Press
Release Date: June 21, 2022
Authors: Stormy and Jason McDonald
Pages: 396
ISBN13: 978-1736823514
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When you're a bounty hunter in a world of magic, monsters, and miracles, your work — and the danger — never end.

Despite having banished the Phantoms of Ruthaer, bounty hunter Hector de los Santos does not consider the job complete — not until he sees the Orbuculum safely locked away in Ozera's aerarium.  With transportation arranged by Lord Roger Vaughn, Earl Wolverton, Hector hoped for a well-earned respite from trouble.

He should have known better.

Nothing is ever easy for Damage, Inc. — especially with Count Dodz on the loose, and Lady D haunting Dave.

After a vicious attack against Brand sears Ozera's sacred mountainside and leaves the young dragon on the brink of death, it's discovered that someone has breached the magical defenses of Ozera's aerarium.  Hector and his team vow to do whatever it takes to recover the Orbuculum and bring the thief to justice.  With the life of one of their own on the line, failure is not an option.


If you love The Witcher, Dresden Files, or Solomon Kane, don't miss this exciting addition to the Chronicles of Damage, Inc.!