Review for Phantoms of Ruthaer

by Jason McDonald | June 26, 2022 |

“This vigorously entertaining fantasy debut pits lovable bounty hunters against the undead. …an engaging treat for fans of party-based fantasy adventure. Setting it apart is the McDonalds’ crack characterization, the way Damage, Inc., works and bickers as a group, cracking jokes without ever going too meta.” Booklife by Publishers Weekly – Read the entire review here.
“Phantoms is an intense ride…a story that just keeps on giving. Any story is about the people in it, the FAMILY in it. That’s really the feeling you get from the Damage, Inc. crew. There are no blood ties between them, but they’re closer than a lot of blood families are. These are people who have been through the ringer together and they’re ready to go again.” Jimbo’s Awesome Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews – Read the entire review here.
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