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Introduction to Dave and Hector

Hector gripped the hilt of his scimitar and strode into “the cage.”  The place smelled damp with a miasma of vomit and urine.  He passed the inmates.  Some he knew; some he didn’t. The acrid smell of vomit grew stronger the closer he got to the end – vomit mixed with alcohol.  Hector stopped at…

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Xandor’s Sketch of the Monastery

Shouting caught Xandor’s attention, and he quickly brought the spyglass back up.  A quarter of a mile south of the city stood the ruined walls of a small estate, surrounded by several dozen orc warriors.  It was the only building still standing outside the city gates. Small knots of humanoids worked their way around the…

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City of Cayn Update

The date for City of Cayn has been Set!!  Book 2 of the Cayn Trilogy will be released November 23rd. Check out for more information on how you can be an advanced reader.  

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City of Cayn Teaser

Working on the edits for our next book, City of Cayn.  This one picks up right where Son of Cayn ends.  Let me know what you think of our teaser. *** Crimson ‘X’s mark the doors along the streets of Upper Pazard’zhik.  Merchants and nobles alike have fallen victim to a deadly disease.  Has the…

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