Xandor’s Sketch of the Monastery

by Jason McDonald | October 9, 2018 |

Shouting caught Xandor’s attention, and he quickly brought the spyglass back up.  A quarter of a mile south of the city stood the ruined walls of a small estate, surrounded by several dozen orc warriors.  It was the only building still standing outside the city gates.

Small knots of humanoids worked their way around the ancient walls, occasionally firing arrows up and over the wall.  They kept circling, using the debris on the field as cover.

From his vantage point on the ridge, he had a hard time understanding their odd behavior.  They didn’t seem to care if they actually hit anyone; nor were they in any hurry to attack whoever was inside.

The range of the spyglass was limited, and he couldn’t quite focus on the far side of the estate; however, he thought he could just make out a large courtyard, with armored soldiers running to and fro.  A blurry wall rose up from the opposite side topped with a stone Korsun cross.

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