Meet the Villains: Bregu Kraagor

by Jason McDonald | September 26, 2018 |

Meet the Villains: Bregu Kraagor

Bregu Kraagor and his tribe of orcs control the ruins of Chernigov and the bridge over the White River that connects Trakya to Rhodina.

He’s a crafty orc chieftain who, when they had taken the city, gathered all the heads of the local tribes, or tohans, and established them as his private council.  He gave them the title Garedon and then divided the city amongst them.  This not only placed the various tribal leaders on equal footing with each other, but also let the king play each tribe off the others, thus maintaining a tenuous balance of power.

With thought toward the future, Bregu Kraagor gave each of the Garedons the responsibility of maintaining the defenses and having trained warriors ready at a moment’s notice.  He ordered war machines constructed, built watchtowers near the bridge, and assigned others to guard the road to Trakya.

In the end, Bregu Kraagor became nothing more than a very successful crime boss, and when given a chance to turn a fast profit, he did.  With the bridge under his control, he had his thumb on anything that traveled up or downriver.  Any boat that wanted safe passage was at his mercy, and taking both the money and the boat was not uncommon.

It did not take long before the riverboat captains marked the northern reaches of the White River off limits, effectively choking off the Rhodinan towns north of the bridge.  Of course, the Korol’ of Mitchurinsk tried multiple times to usurp Bregu Kraagor’s power.  Short of an all-out war, there was little he could do, and after the Plague War, the Korol’ gave up.

Bregu Kraagor, sensing the Korol’s resolve waivering, attacked the Keep at the Rhodinan end of the bridge.  The battle was short and bloody, and in the end, Bregu Kraagor came away victorious.

Now, the orcs spend their nights sending forays into Mitchurinsk, searching for slaves, plunder, and food.

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