Alashalian Mountains – A range of forest covered mountains that divides the Detchian territories from the Glaxon territories.  Home to elves as well as several mountain tribes of humans.

Assenov – Acting Guild Master of the White Circle. (CoC)

Altaira – Located within the northern hemisphere of Gaia, Altaira is a vast continent sparsely populated by tribes of elves.  Its southern coast is home to J’Bel, peopled by the minotaur-like descendants of a fallen Korellan outpost, and Tirnna Flain, a human country with a culture similar to ancient Greece and Minoa.


Belousov, Oleg – Title: Sud’ya (Judge).  One of the inquisitors sent to investigate the Baroness. (BoC)


Cayn – Also known as Ka’Sehkuur, the exiled god and brother of Sutekh and Havel.  It is said that, at the beginning of time, he was one of the nine Sephiroth and fought against chaos.  He grew evil and twisted, reveling in all that’s savage.  It is his blood that brought about the humanoid races such as orcs, goblins, and ogres.

Confederation of Nations – An alliance of various nations that includes Detchian, Espian, Francesacan, and Glaxon cultures.  They came together by necessity to staunch the advances of Zhitomir.  Initially created by the Highlord of Gallowen, who heads the governing Council, it stands ready against the forces of evil.


Damage, Inc. – Group of bounty hunters.  Founding members include: Hector De Los Santos, Aislinn Yves, Dave Blood, Robert Stone, Jasper Thredd, and Eidan Yves.

Detchia – A cultural region that mirrors ancient Germany.  It includes the countries of Alborg, Bremen, Essen, Karisruhe, Kerch, Kiel, Liecht, Lubeck, Mannheim, Osterland, Pilsen, Rostock, and Shupsk.

Dorinkov – Title: Knyaz (Prince).  Brother of Korol’ Melikhov VI. (BoC)

Dragahn – Teamster chief.  Hired to transport crates of soap past the Stena to the White River. (SoC)


Espia, Imperial – A cultural region that mirrors ancient Spain, located on the isthmus joining the continents of Parlatheas and Solanacea.

Espia, Peninsular – Former colonies of Imperial Espia located along the southeastern coast of Parlatheas, directly south of Carolingias.  It includes the countries of Alicante, Badajoz, Burgos, Cadiz, Cartagena, Erion, Malaga, Murcia, Oviedo, Santander, and Zaragoza.


Fergusson, Geoffrey – Title: 6th Baronet of Yorkshire.  Lord Commander of the northern garrison of the Iron Tower. (C0C)

Francesca – A cultural region that mirrors ancient France.  It includes the provinces of Amienes, Biaritz, Limoges, Montauban, Mulhous, Nimes, and Toulouse.  The current monarchs are Edmond Durante Bourbon d’Orlèans and Isabel Nicolette d’Anjou.


Gaia – A realm similar to Earth populated by humans, elves, dwarves, and other fantasy races.

Gallagher, Brian – Military Rank: Leftenant Commander.  Second in command of the Iron Tower’s northern garrison. (CoC)

Glaxon – A cultural region that mirrors Anglo-Saxon.  It includes the countries of Carolingias and Gallowen.

Grendel – Masked half-orc warrior, who was born and raised to fight in the arenas of J’Bel on the distant continent of Altaira.  His father, being half-orc and half ogre, gave Grendel his strength and thirst for violence, but it’s tempered by his mother, an arena slave from the mysterious jungles of Suthose.  She called him Vanin, an elven word meaning ‘forested’ or ‘land abundant with water’.  Although Grendel is unaware of the fact, his mother named him after her homeland.


Havel – Also known as Dioth Cyela, one of the nine Sephiroth.  Killed by his brother, Ka’Sehkuur, after a terrible fight.  It was during this fight that his tears engendered the first elves.  Ancient Elven creation tales say he was raised from the dead by his sister, Rialla.

Highlord – Along with the High Lady, he rules Gallowen and heads the governing council of the Confederation of Nations.


J’Bel – A former outpost of Korell.  The citizens broke a pact with Sutekh, who cursed them.  Now when any male comes of age, he is transformed into a bull-headed creature similar to a minotaur.

Joalheiro, Chert – Dwarven cleric from the remote island of Hy Breasal and follower of the Eternal Father.  Descended from a clan of gifted stone workers who can travel through rock and shape gems with their bare hands.

Jovid – Title: Otets (Priest/ Father).  Follower of the Eternal Father.  Once a clergyman of the Iron Tower, Jovid became a good friend and trusted advisor to Melikhov V and serves a similar role with hs son. (BoC)


Khristova, Lena – Title: Advocate.  Sachin’s partner and financial backer for producing and distributing the soap. (SoC)

Korell – Ancient civilization of humans who once thrived in the southern continent of Solanacea.  They fought against the armies of Sutekh, whom they called the Dark One.  Korell won the war, but sacrificed so much in the last battle they were unable to defend their lands.  Raided by barbarians from the northern continent of Parlatheas, their cities were sacked and much of their knowledge lost.

Kraagor – Title: Bregu (King).  Crafty orc chieftain who controls the port city of Chernigov and passage along the White River. (CoC)

Krakov, Boris – Title: Baron.  Aleksandra’s husband.  A devout follower of Sutekh. (SoC)

Krakova, Aleksandra Madasgorski – Title: Baroness.  Also known as Sacha, she is a princess of the Madasgorksi family.

Kral – Title of Trakya’s ruler.

Krovos – Title: D’yakon (Deacon).  A sha’iry, follower of Sutekh. (CoC)


Madasgorksi Family – From Zhitomir, they are an evil dynasty known for its ruthlessness.  Devout followers of Sutekh.

Madasgorski, Marko – Brother of Baroness Aleksandra and knight of Zhitomir, he travels with a Seldaehne manservant, Kourash.  His family crest is a red sleeve sinister on a field of black.

Marchenkov, Marcus – Commander of the Ochite i Ushite (the Eyes and Ears) of the Kral.  He hires Chert, Grendel, Jasper, and Xandor to investigate Dragahn’s caravan.  Yana Marchenkova is his sister.

Marchenkova, Yana – Military Rank: Laytenant.  Based out of Pazard’zhik.  She is the commander of the Black Dragon Squadron of the Trakyan Wind Riders. (CoC)

Melikhov VI – Title: Korol’ (King).  Current ruler of Mitchurinsk.

Mitchurinsk – Northeastern country in the Rhodinan territories that borders the White River.  Ruled by the Korol’ Melikhov VI.

Mladen and Ognian – Brothers from the northern reaches of Trakya who were hired by Marko Madasgorski.  Noted for their wild red hair and swirling tattoos.


Order of the Horned Owls –Knighthood based out of Gallowen.  Their banner is a gold owl with both eyes and face front and wings displayed on a verdant field.  The left talon holds a short spear and the right holds three arrows.  They are tasked with protecting the borders of Gallowen.

Order of the Iron Tower –Knighthood based out of Gallowen.  Their banner is a silver tower on a black field.  Tasked with protecting the borders of the Confederation of Nations.

Ozera – Ecclesiastical refuge located in the Alashalian Mountains.  Home of Phaedrus, the half-elf.  Renowned across Parlatheas for its healers.


Parlatheas – A continent located within the northern hemisphere of Gaia.  The primary setting for the Cayn Trilogy and the Adventures of Damage, Inc.

Pazard’zhik – Capital of Trakya.  Divided into Upper and Lower cities by a several-hundred-foot tall escarpment.  The only official access between cities is the Majna I Vira, a massive stone edifice that houses switchback stairs and an elaborate lift system.  The upper city primarily consists of royal estates and wealthy merchants while the lower city consists of warehouses, manufacturing, and industry.

Pyotr – Veterinarian.  Works for Dragahn. (SoC)


Rhodina – A cultural region that mirrors ancient Russia.  It includes the countries of Kremenchug, Medvezhegorsk, Michurinsk, Ryazan, Syktyvkar, Taganrog, Vologda, and Zhitomir.


Sabe, August – Disgraced knight of Rhodina, he travels with Damage Inc.  Mentioned in BoC, his first appearance is planned in the upcoming book Fiend at the Funeral.

Sabe, Dobrynya – Knight of Rhodina, he and his men scour the wasteland between the Stena and the White River searching for relics. He and August are identical twin brothers. (CoC)

Sabe, Leonid – Title: Gertsog (Duke).  Cousin of Korol’ Melikhov VI.  Father of Dobrynya and August Sabe. (BoC)

Sachin – Financier/ Owner Representative. Using his connections, a trade route was opened between Michurinsk and Trakya. (SoC)

Saso, Gregori – An evil mage.  Once a teacher at Tydway, his specialty was possession and astral projection.

Sehraine – Friend of Yana, she is one of the few remaining elves in Pazard’zhik.  A member of the Royal Theater, she conceals her identity through disguise and her acting skills. (CoC)

Seldaehne – Race of albino half-dragons rumored to have been created by an evil wizard.

Sephiroth – Nine celestial beings created by the Eternal Father.  Tasked with watching over creation and keeping the forces of Chaos in check.  A number of human and humanoid cultures worship them as gods.

Solanacea – Located within the southern hemisphere of Gaia, Solanacea is a continent south of Parlatheas.  The ancient home of Korell.

Stena – The great wall built by the Kral to keep out the humanoid hordes during the Plague War.

Sutekh – Also known as the Dark One.  Worshipped by Sha’iry, dark robed priests (or Black Clerics) whose weapon of choice is the two-handed claymore.  He is an evil god feared throughout the land.  Oddly, he is also one of the Sephiroth.  It has become his duty to protect the world from his brother, Ka’Sehkurr.

Suthose – Located within the southern hemisphere of Gaia, Suthose is a continent south of Altaira.  Its home to cultures which mirror ancient Egypt (Kemet), ancient Assyria (Deshret), and ancient Kush (Sideria).  Much of the continent’s central and southern regions are covered by vast jungles.


Terra – a fictionalized version of Earth.  Only accessible from other realms via magical portals.

Thredd, Jasper – Portly human mage who originally hailed from Tydway, capital of Gallowen.  He has travelled throughout the Confederation and into Trakya with a group of bounty hunters who call themselves Damage, Inc.

Trakya – Northern country that once bordered the White River.  Ruled by the Kral.  Its culture, while similar to Rhodinan, is unique and would be more equivalent to ancient Thrace.

Tydway – Capital city of Gallowen.


Viktor, Bogdan, Branimir, and Daniil – Horsemen who work for Dragahn’s caravan. (SoC)

Vsevolod, Bazyl – Title: Velikiy-Gertsog (Grand Duke).  One of the inquisitors sent to investigate the Baroness. (BoC)


White Circle – The mages’ guild of Trakya, founded in Upper Pazard’zhik and given a specific charter by the Kral to educate the public, diminish the general suspicions regarding spell casters, and be of benefit to the nation.

White River – Primary river that flows south through Rhodinan, Detchian, and Francescan regions.  It divides eastern Parlatheas from central Parlatheas and eventually finds its way to the Karukera Sea at the city of Orleans.


Xandor – Born into the Tanjarin tribe.  He is a human ranger from the Alashalian Mountains, trained by the Iron Tower as a forward scout.


Yosif – Also known as Lucky.  Young man from the mountains outside Pazard’zhik.  Works for Dragahn. (SoC)


Zhitomir – Largest of the Rhodinan countries.  Home of the Madasgorski family.

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