Phantoms in the Luminiferous Ether (Part 2)

by Jason McDonald | January 20, 2019 |

Where the Spirits Live

Science teaches that the heat and light from the sun pass through ninety-two millions of miles of space in which there is nothing that our senses could recognize as matter. Light and heat are transmitted by means of short electric waves in the universal medium known as luminiferous ether. This ether fills the infinite space between the heavenly bodies, and the space between atoms, as air fills the space between falling drops of rain. When these electric waves are about one fifty-thousandth of an inch long, they affect the eye and are known as light; when about one twenty-five-thousandth of an inch in length, they affect certain nerve terminals, and are known as heat; when about one hundredth of an inch in length they affect the photographic plate, and are known as ultraviolet light. Now, if the physical eye could register the vibration of the ultraviolet ray. we should see this ethereal world and our friends in the ethereal body who inhabit it.

The blind do not see those about them, because the eye does not register the vibration of light. The deaf do not hear, because does not register the vibration of sound. To “the dead” we appear as the blind, the deaf, and the dumb do to us. They stand by us and we do not see them; they speak, and we do not hear; and as we do not hear, we do not answer; and so we are practically as the blind, deaf, and dumb are to us. Science has proved the existence, the conditions of this ethereal realm, and any inquirer may go to such authorities as Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Professor Zollner, Professor Dolbear, and other scientist.

Now, the question arises. Can the man in the ethereal body communicate with the man in the physical body? Is spirit to spirit responsive?

Lilian Whiting (1909)

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