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Phantoms in the Luminiferous Ether (Part 2)

Where the Spirits Live Science teaches that the heat and light from the sun pass through ninety-two millions of miles of space in which there is nothing that our senses could recognize as matter. Light and heat are transmitted by means of short electric waves in the universal medium known as luminiferous ether. This ether…

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City of Cayn – Cut Scene

An icy breeze rippled past the or and azure cloth bearing the Sabe family crest.  The smoke cleared a little, and Vityaz Dobrynya Sabe, dressed in steel plate armor covered by an azure surcoat, surveyed the horde outside the walls as he propped his large, kite-shaped shield, emblazoned with a seven-pointed star, against the parapet.…

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Meet the Villains: Bregu Kraagor

Bregu Kraagor and his tribe of orcs control the ruins of Chernigov and the bridge over the White River that connects Trakya to Rhodina. He’s a crafty orc chieftain who, when they had taken the city, gathered all the heads of the local tribes, or tohans, and established them as his private council.  He gave…

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The Secret to the Blood of Cayn – Revealed

After supper, we sat around the carport  shooting the breeze.  It was one of those times when you spent more time talking than eating.  We had a good crowd with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and lets not forget the cousins.  The subject of our book came up and one them asked if this was the…

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