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City of Cayn – Cut Scene

An icy breeze rippled past the or and azure cloth bearing the Sabe family crest.  The smoke cleared a little, and Vityaz Dobrynya Sabe, dressed in steel plate armor covered by an azure surcoat, surveyed the horde outside the walls as he propped his large, kite-shaped shield, emblazoned with a seven-pointed star, against the parapet.…

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Xandor’s Sketch of the Monastery

Shouting caught Xandor’s attention, and he quickly brought the spyglass back up.  A quarter of a mile south of the city stood the ruined walls of a small estate, surrounded by several dozen orc warriors.  It was the only building still standing outside the city gates. Small knots of humanoids worked their way around the…

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Meet the Villains: Bregu Kraagor

Bregu Kraagor and his tribe of orcs control the ruins of Chernigov and the bridge over the White River that connects Trakya to Rhodina. He’s a crafty orc chieftain who, when they had taken the city, gathered all the heads of the local tribes, or tohans, and established them as his private council.  He gave…

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Orc War Chants

þú swíþmihtig Bregu!                                                              Thou great and mighty chief! þú eormenþéod!                                                                        Thou hast a great army! Sé Kral forþsendon here                                                          The Kral sent forth his army…

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